2015 Tour Information

The Winking Lizard Tavern Tour of Beers for 2015 is our 29th Tour. Each year we are challenged to offer and get the best and most varied beer selection in the nation. This year's Tour will have more than 375 beers to choose from and includes a bottle list and a draft list to pick from. New this year is a monthly barrel-aged beer bottle feature. We've teamed up with Untappd and will have a new Winking Lizard badge available each month to collect. There's also a new Winking Lizard Tour of Beers mobile app that will contain the list of beers, beer profiles and more!

New Year. New Tour. New Beer! Cheers everyone, let's get touring!

gifts to be given away!

We will be offering half-way gifts when you have tried 50 beers from the World Tour, a Winking Lizard 2015 duffle bag. Get to 100 beers and you'll receive the 2015 Tour jacket (your choice in men's or women's style), a $20 Winking Lizard gift card and can attend the 2015 Tour Finisher Party! Carry on to 150 beers and you'll receive this year's Lizard hoodie sweatshirt.

how to join

To join the Tour of Beers, visit your favorite Winking Lizard Tavern, plop down $20.00 and begin your adventure into the world of craft and imported beers. We start you off with a wallet card so you can keep track of what you have tried and a Tour Card that will electronically keep track of the Tour beers you have finished. You may drink the beers in any order. There are many more choices on this year's World Tour. Any comments or concerns about the World Tour, please email the beermeister@winkinglizard.com